Caterpillar introduces diesel generator sets to the global market

Caterpillar has announced the addition of 12 new models to its Cat GC series of diesel generator sets for stationary standby applications. The new models primarily target the global electrical contractor market.

The range includes six more models with ratings from 450 to 715 kVA for 50 Hz applications, and six more models from 350 to 600 kW for 60 Hz applications.

Caterpillar says the Cat GC generator sets are cost-effective backup power solutions that simplify the specification process and significantly reduce bid and delivery times, while helping to meet the tight budget requirements of applications in this power range.

However, the company says some models with typically specified power outputs and configurations are stocked at major Cat dealers for immediate delivery.

Jaime Mineart, CEO of Caterpillar Electric Power, said: “The addition of these 12 models gives Caterpillar the ability to address mid-size backup power needs with reliable and competitive solutions. Since the Cat GC generator sets were first introduced last year, customers, especially electrical contractors, have quickly come to appreciate their performance, value and convenience.”

Diesel Generating Set Market

The company says Cat GC generator sets are ideal for small to medium-sized standby applications such as health clinics, manufacturing, agriculture, municipal infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants and other utilities, commercial businesses and office buildings.

The diesel generator can be equipped with a remote asset monitoring function to provide data visualization, reporting and alerts that are available worldwide through an easy-to-use web interface.

The complete lineup of Cat GC diesel generator sets, now available in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, CIS, South America and Asia Pacific, includes:

18 models with ratings from 33 to 1,100 kVA for 50 Hz applications; and
15 models with ratings from 30 to 600 kW for 60 Hz applications.
An additional 19 models in the 40 to 600 kW range are also available for 60 Hz applications in North America.