Borusan Cat Gebze Revision Center Receives International Certification

Borusan Cat Gebze Revision Center Receives International Certification

Borusan Cat achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the Caterpillar world by becoming the world’s first certified revision center for the construction industry at their Gebze Revision Center.

Borusan Cat, known for its commitment to “We Produce Solutions for a Better World,” operates in various countries, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. Notably, they have become the inaugural representative of Caterpillar, a global organization with over 300 overhaul centers and specialized workshops, to achieve certification for a construction industry overhaul center.

Over a span of 1.5 years, the company underwent thorough written and physical audits conducted by Caterpillar experts, who assessed the overhaul centers responsible for renewing construction machinery and power systems components to grant them a new economic life. The evaluation encompassed 255 criteria, and Borusan Cat attained an impressive score of 93 points, surpassing the minimum 80-point requirement. As a result, the Borusan Cat Gebze Revision Center earned the distinction of being one of only three certified revision centers in the EAME Region (Europe, Africa, Middle East) and the world’s first certified revision center for the construction industry.

Rising to the top in six years

Özgür Günaydın, the Chief Executive Officer of Borusan Cat

Özgür Günaydın, the Chief Executive Officer of Borusan Cat, highlighted that Borusan Cat holds the distinction of being the pioneer in digital transformation among Caterpillar entities. As one of the founding members of Caterpillar’s Digital Council, the company has been at the forefront of driving technological advancements. Günaydın expressed pride in the remarkable achievements of the Borusan Cat Revision Center, which commenced operations in 2017 and has achieved significant success in just six years. He continued his remarks by stating:

“As Borusan Cat, we hold a respected position within Caterpillar with our five revision centers located in Gebze and Ankara, Turkey, as well as in Kazakhstan abroad. Our innovative approach to business and strong focus on technology have contributed to this standing. It fills us with immense pride that our relatively young Borusan Cat Gebze Overhaul Center, established in 2017, has been chosen as the world’s first certified overhaul center for the construction industry. This success is a testament to the determined strides we have taken in our journey. In Gebze, we have embraced continuous development as a culture, leading to our recognition as the top global ‘best practice’ publication contributor in 2021. All these endeavors have culminated in our achievement of this remarkable success.”

A new life for construction equipment

Borusan Cat’s overhaul centers excel in refurbishing essential components like engines, power transmissions, hydraulics, etc., that have reached the end of their service life. Utilizing original Cat parts, these components are rejuvenated to the highest quality, ensuring a cost-effective and guaranteed solution. The Overhaul Centers offer swift and seamless replacements for worn or end-of-life components in the event of breakdowns or overhauls. This expedites repair and overhaul waiting times by up to 100%, preventing any significant downtime. Additionally, the certification process has commenced for Borusan Cat’s revision center in Ankara, which provides comprehensive services for general construction needs.