CAT 262D3

LMC Equipment’s Collaboration with Finning Drives Expansion and Triumph in the Okanagan Valley

Having progressed from playing with Cat® toys in the sandpit to operating Cat equipment across the Okanagan, Trent Dreger, the founder and owner of LMC Equipment, deeply understands the reliability and efficiency of Cat machinery and recognizes its significance in driving his company’s success.

By joining forces with Finning, Trent Dreger’s company has gained the essential support and leverage required to flourish in the fiercely competitive realm of construction and excavation.

As a company focused on residential and commercial projects, LMC Equipment values reliability and preparedness. Tyler Chursky, a sales representative for Finning, assured LMC Equipment of precisely that when they formed their partnership, pledging to deliver the utmost dependability and readiness.

Through Tyler’s dedicated efforts in fostering the collaboration with LMC Equipment, the company has been able to achieve more significant milestones consistently. With a clear understanding of Trent’s growth objectives, Tyler collaborates with him to exchange ideas and formulate purchase plans that align with Trent’s vision while benefiting from Tyler’s recommendations. Additionally, the dependable financing options and vast network offered by Finning have created a seamless and stress-free collaboration for Trent, enabling him to focus entirely on delivering high-quality projects.

“The growth has been remarkable because he has been able to leverage the full spectrum of services we offer,” Tyler explains, highlighting the robust partnership between Finning and LMC Equipment.

Since 2017, Finning has consistently supplied LMC Equipment with a new piece of equipment each year, like clockwork, resulting in a total of seven machines that greatly contribute to residential earthworks and construction projects in the Okanagan Valley.

LMC Equipment’s success is anchored on the reliability of Cat equipment, allowing them to excel in a wide range of tasks such as septic installation, retaining walls, utility connections and upgrades, foundation digs, driveway builds, and slab preparation. According to Kale Kuzemchuk, a foreman for LMC Equipment, Cat equipment is comparable to a Lamborghini in its performance, getting the job done flawlessly. The seamless operations and contented operators attest to the efficiency of Cat equipment. As Trent puts it, nobody complains when working with Cat equipment, creating a positive and productive work environment.

With the steadfast support and an extensive array of equipment from Finning, LMC Equipment has the capacity to undertake additional projects and accelerate the growth of their small business. Trent expresses his satisfaction with the great relationship established with Finning, highlighting the excellent communication that has been maintained throughout their collaboration. He further appreciates the responsive customer support Finning offers, emphasizing that any requirements for parts and service are promptly fulfilled, arriving overnight when needed.

With a clear ambition to become a major player in the industry, LMC Equipment is continuously excelling in their field. Backed by the unwavering support from Finning and the exceptional quality of Cat equipment, coupled with Trent’s visionary leadership that dates back to his sandbox days, LMC Equipment is poised to pave the way for the future of construction and excavation.