Caterpillar RM600 and RM800 Reclaimers/Stabilizers

Specifications of Caterpillar’s New RM600 and RM800 Reclaimers/Stabilizers

Caterpillar has made two new powerful machines called the RM600 and RM800. These machines are used for taking old pavement and turning it into new pavement or stabilizing soil. They are really big machines and can cut across slopes with an adjustable height design.

Both the RM600 and RM800 have a strong engine called the Cat C18 that makes them really powerful. The RM600 is 17% more powerful than the older RM500B model, and the RM800 is even more powerful with 42% more power than the RM500B and 23% more power than the RM600.

The reclaimer/stabilizer models incorporate rotor system components from Cat cold planers for superior cutting and mixing performance. Equipped with a belt-driven rotor drive system, the machine is capable of flush-cutting on the right side. The System K rotor is designed with the same cold planer fastener-free, dual-taper toolholder and base block components for consistent material quality on a wide range of projects. The machine also features exit and return-to-cut functions that help maintain a consistent depth of cut during operation.

Enhanced Power and Mix Quality in Caterpillar’s RM600 and RM800

The Cat C18 engine has two different versions to follow the rules for reducing pollution in different regions. It has a cooling system that brings in cool air to make it clean and easy to maintain. The fans that cool the engine can even spin in reverse to clean themselves. The Electronic Control Module (ECM) watches over the engine and tells the operator if there are any problems.

The RM600 and RM800 reclaimer/stabilizer models have weight that is evenly spread from front to back to help them stay stable during tricky cutting jobs. They also have a way to control all four wheels electronically, which helps them get better traction and move around better. If the ground is uneven or the soil is tough to work with, they can adjust the legs on the machine to make it level and stay stable. These legs can be adjusted up to 12.5% (8 degrees) on either side.

The new RM600 and RM800 reclaimer/stabilizer machines have a tough rotor made of abrasion-resistant alloys that can handle heavy-duty work. The rotor drive system has a strong clutch that doesn’t need to be adjusted, and two belts prevent slipping. The cutting tools are placed in a way that mixes materials evenly. The rotor can be configured with different types of toolholder protection for different types of work. These machines can cut up to 2,438 mm wide and 508 mm deep, and have advanced electronic controls to maintain the quality of the mix. The mixing chamber doors are adjustable, and an indicator on the touchscreen display shows their position. The rear rotor chamber door float feature allows operators to choose the desired down pressure. These machines can cut in both directions.


The reclaimer/stabilizer machines have wheels at the corners, making them easy to move around on-site, with a small turning radius of 3.1 meters (10.1 feet). They have four different steering modes to help with maneuverability: front, rear, crab, and coordinated. The design of the machines also allows for up to 12.5% (8 degrees) of slope on either side, making it possible to work on uneven ground. The machines come with water and emulsion spray systems. The emulsion system can deliver both water and bitumen emulsion and has self-cleaning nozzles. The computerized metering system allows for variable flow rates, which means the operator can adjust the amount of water or emulsion applied depending on the specific site requirements. The operator can also control the spray width and the flow of additives from inside the cab.


The machine’s controls are easy to use and are grouped by function for easy access. The steering is controlled by a small handwheel, while the operator can match the machine speed and functions to the gradation specifications using the large, 25-cm (10-in.) color touchscreen displays and pushbutton controls. The cab of the machine offers excellent visibility of the work ahead and the leading edge of the cutting chamber with floor-to-ceiling glass and an angled pane on the right-hand side. It also has a fully pressurized design with air conditioning and heater/defroster. The new models come with both standard and optional cameras that improve performance and safety, including front and rear-mounted cameras that provide configurable guidelines on the touchscreen display, and side-mount cameras to provide views of each side of the machine.


The RM600 and RM800 models can save you money by having extended service intervals, reducing the frequency of engine oil service, hydraulic oil service, and coolant replacement. There are daily checkpoints that can be easily accessed for maintenance, and the compressed air system is a standard feature, providing power to pneumatic tools. The machines have inbuilt diagnostics that continuously monitor their systems, and the standard Product Link provides data on the machine’s location and performance. The machines also have a service mode available that allows the engine to run while the machine is locked out, which supplies compressed air to service the rotor safely. With the help of Remote Troubleshoot, dealers can diagnose machine issues virtually before sending a technician, and Remote Flash keeps the machines running with the latest software updates.